Mariposa County Launches Community-Based Web Site for Probation Services

January 30, 2009
Network of Care


MARIPOSA, Calif. – Mariposa County has introduced a breakthrough Web solution for individuals, families and agencies concerned with probation services. The Network of Care for Probation Services is an online information place that provides critical information, communication and advocacy tools with a single point of entry. It ensures there is “No Wrong Door” for those navigating the system of probation services.

The Network of Care project ( was begun with an innovation grant from the State of California. This community’s Network of Care for Probation Services, developed in partnership with the Mariposa County Probation Department, is a pilot program for California and the nation. Regardless of where individuals, families and agencies begin their search for assistance with probation issues, the Network of Care for Probation Services ensures they will find what they need. The new Web site will enable people to find the right service at the right time; educate themselves about their issues; understand current policy initiatives and advocate directly to elected officials, and better manage their affairs, interactions and important records.

The Network of Care for Probation Services provides a comprehensive Service Directory of all of the probation-services providers in Merced County, putting people in touch with the right services at the right time.