US HR 815

Title: RELIEVE Act
Author: Cathy Ann McMorris Rodgers

Removing Extraneous Loopholes Insuring Every Veteran Emergency Act or the RELIEVE Act This bill expands eligibility for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reimbursement of emergency treatment for veterans who are treated in a non-VA facility. Specifically, the bill waives the requirement that a veteran must have received VA care within the 24-month period preceding the furnishing of emergency treatment if the veteran receives such emergency treatment within the 60-day period following their enrollment in the VA health care system. Additionally, the bill extends through December 28, 2031, higher rates for certain loan fees under the VA home loan program.

Passed Senate with an amendment by Yea-Nay Vote. 70 - 29. Record Vote Number: 48.

Bill Documents
US HR 815 - Placed on Calendar Senate (03/21/2023)
2023-02-02 - US HR 815 (Placed on Calendar Senate (03/21/2023))

US HR 815 - Engrossed in House (03/07/2023)
2023-02-02 - US HR 815 (Engrossed in House (03/07/2023))

US HR 815 - Introduced in House (02/02/2023)
2023-02-02 - US HR 815 (Introduced in House (02/02/2023))