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LETTER: Veteran says hierarchy, toughness needed for efficient CAF

Alberni Valley Times - 1/25/2024

To the Editor,

I question the military experience of feminists recently quoted in the Canadian Military Journal and national media that enables them to conclude "the CAF must be remade via an anti oppression framework of feminist, decolonial, critical race, queer, critical disability and critical political economy theories."

The Canadian Armed Forces is not some Utopian organization with the sole purpose of projecting feminist idealism or being used as an experiment in social engineering. Its raison d'etre is to be an efficient fighting force capable of defending our country and projecting the will of the government —with deadly force if necessary.

To be an efficient fighting force a military must be hierarchical—there must be leaders and followers. What it cannot be is a non-violent bunch of happy-go-lucky folks with the option of questioning or refusing orders.

As a retired senior military officer with more than 37 years of service, I have watched as a succession of governments have underfunded our military, resulting in a lack of equipment, resources, personnel and training. Is it any wonder recruiting is down or why the overall military strength is down 40 percent? Given the wants of these feminist writers, the CAF would become the laughing stock of our allies.

R.L. (Dusty) Miller, MMM. SSM, CD2

Port Alberni